New Home Church of Christ


Welcome to our youth page. This is a very exciting aspect of our church and we are growing in this area. Our youth are great and we are really enjoying seeing them in the church services more and more. We have Sunday School for all of our youth (Pre-School- High School)and the Adults as well. On Wednesday's we also have a youth meeting and class. We are excited about talking about issues important to the youth. We also have classes for the Pre-School through Middlers on this night. We come together and have good time of fun and fellowship in the Youth Basement. Were we have foosball, pingpong, and Air Hockey. On a Friday here and there we try to go out and do something exciting and fun for everyone. So if this sounds like a lot of fun, we are having it here at New Home Church of Christ. We would love for you and your youth to come and give it a try. All this fun and Learning about Christianity and KIDS!  

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