New Home Church of Christ
There was a one room schoolhouse located in the Dobson Community, called THE EDMONDS SCHOOL. Later another room was added to the school. This was before the year 1896. Miss Judy Edmonds was a student at one time at this school and later was a teacher there. She and others tell us in the community that religious services were conducted in the school building and continued for several years. At times, services were conducted in a grove of trees near by, when weather permitted. According to our records, Jennie Perkins was baptized into Christ on October 29, 1899. Seventeen others were baptized leading up to W.P. Doby being baptized in the year 1904 while service were still being conducted in the old school building. 

Some people also tell us that a church building was constructed on this site in the year 1906, calling it by the name NEW HOME CHURCH OF CHRIST. No one is able to tell us why it was called NEW HOME. The old school building was torn down about the time Copeland School was built in 1924. There were several people in our congregation, that attended the Old Edmonds School.

People came to worship during this time by horse and buggy, wagons, or walked carrying lanterns. Kerosene lamps were used for lights and wood stove used for heating during the early years.

A cemetary was started at this location with George W. Doby being the first one to be buried here, November 16, 1910.  

In the year 1956, a meeting was called and decision was made to purchase new pews, a new rug for center aisle, a communion set, and a new hot air heating system for the church building.

The church house was a tall wood framed building with a bell tower some fifty feet in the air. There were two single doors on each side of the front of the building for entrances. This building required and received a number of repairs, periodically. In 1940, electricity was made available and we had our first electric lights. Later on, two Bible School class rooms were built on each side near the back. Following this, an addition was added in the front, making two more Bible School class rooms and changing the entrance to one large entrance with a foyer. We are told that the students at the Edmonds School brought their nickels and dimes along with others in the gave so that the church bell could be purchased and hung in the tower (steeple).

In the year 1967 the church building began to be in need of many repairs. We discussed bricking the outside and remodeling the inside or to build a new building. A decision was made to erect a completely new church building. At the start, many members gave large sums of money to get things started. Construction on the new church was begun in November 1967 and completed in June 1968. Total building costs were $24,633.23, being paid in full by the congregation. The first service was conducted in the new building on June 16, 1968. The parking lot surrounding the building was paved in the year 1972, at a cost of $3900.00. Air conditioning was installed in the year 1973, costing $2830.00.

The church purchased property (150 x 200 feet - from Oscar Badgett) at a cost of $2250.00, for the construction of a new parsonage. April, 1976, we started work, with volunteer labor from the brethren of the congregation completed the home with the exception of the block and brick work. Members continued to give of their time and money until the parsonage was complete. The work was completed in February, 1977, at a total cost of $21,633.96.

The old church building was sold to Grover Draughn for a small amount of money.  

During these many years since October 1899, aproximately 690 persons have been baptized "for the remission of sins", some have passed on from this life, some have moved away, some have dropped by the wayside. Attendance for Sunday Morning Services stands around 85 to 110.
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